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Have you been injured while responsibly riding a rented or shared electric scooter?

Have you been injured by a careless person driving an electric scooter too fast or out of control?  If you have been hurt in an incident involving a rented electric scooter call us.

Randall & Schumacher, P.A. has experience in cases that involve the rules of the rode, pedestrian traffic, and motor vehicle law.  Our experience in these areas gives our clients an advantage when they are seeking money damages for injuries caused by unsafe electric scooters, reckless or inattentive car drivers or careless scooter drivers.

If you have rented an electric scooter from any of the fast growing scooter companies such as Bird, Lime, Skip or Spin, and you were hurt call Randall & Schumacher, P.A. NOW.

Call Randall & Schumacher, P.A. at 833-515-6101 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Minneapolis office.


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