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Accomplished Minnesota advocates secure financial recoveries for victims

When you’ve been injured or made ill by someone else’s negligence, your physical pain is both financial and physical. Legal relief is available, but without the proper representation, you might not receive the compensation you deserve for healthcare costs, lost wages and other damages. At Randall & Schumacher, P.A. in Minneapolis, our attorneys have 70 years of combined experience taking on difficult cases and winning strong results in court and at the negotiation table. In addition to handling Minnesota personal injury matters involving auto accidents and falls, we also have an extensive track record of successful litigation nationwide for claims involving defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Skillful lawyers handle defective products claims

Manufacturers, designers, distributors, suppliers and others involved in making products have a legal duty to take reasonable measures to ensure their products are safe when used as intended. When this standard is violated, serious harm can occur. Our firm vigorously pursues justice in products liability cases involving:

  • Medical devices — Faulty medical devices such as defective hip replacements and pain pumps often make things worse for a patient who is already suffering. We identify the parties responsible for the problems that these products cause and hold them accountable for your injuries.
  • Pharmaceuticals — Pharmaceutical manufacturers sometimes fall short in their duty to protect users from the risks associated with their drugs. If you’ve been victimized by improper dosage, harmful side effects or some other type of harm caused by prescription medication, our firm will assert your rights against the drug company and other parties at fault.
  • Consumer products — When a product fails due to negligence or the breach of a warranty, our lawyers review the circumstances to pinpoint the cause of the problem. From there, we develop an effective strategy to secure the relief you’re entitled to.

For these actions and other personal injury matters, we provide a free initial consultation so that you can receive legal support immediately.

Proven litigators assist victims of motor vehicle accidents

Though Minnesota has a no-fault auto insurance system, you can file an accident lawsuit if your medical costs exceed $4,000. Our firm handles negotiations with insurance companies, but we will take your case to court if that is the best option. We work closely with you to determine the true value of your claim rather than accepting what an insurer offers.


Established lawyers pursue damages for people hurt in falls

Falls on unsafe surfaces lead to broken bones, concussions and other types of injuries. Whether your accident was triggered by the failure of a property owner or manager to clear snow or ice from steps, clean up a spill from a slippery floor, or properly address some other hazard, we take action to hold them accountable. We seek appropriate compensation for victims of falls and are able to recover damages even if you are partly responsible for the incident, as long as you don’t bear a majority of the fault.

Attorneys represent surviving family members in wrongful death claims

Legal relief can never replace a loved one lost due to someone else’s carelessness or intentional misconduct, but families do have recourse for financial relief. Minnesota’s wrongful death law allows surviving family members to recover damages for funeral expenses, wages that would have been earned by the victim, and the companionship that has been lost forever. Our firm advises family members on wrongful death claims and works to provide justice to grieving loved ones.

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